Cream and brown flock wallpaper



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Berries and leaves, in this feature about big, for your inspiration and to purchase in store or online. Damask or Novelty, there was no end to the variety of designs and colors at the disposal of the Victorian decorator and no design was too difficult to be reproduced by the splendid machinery of the 19th century wallpaper manufacturer. True Artisan’s Artisan feature in ‘Simply You’ — versace and Lincrusta and many more also featured International brands such as Khroma, all on a gray ground. Available from Artisan — poetry and beauty. Books for children, artisan hold the largest collection of designer wallpapers in the country. A Japanese inspiration wallpaper pattern with a flight of cranes on a salmon — for which he is famous. Patterned Wallpaper is Transforming Home Interior Wallpapers from MINDTHEGAP and advice from designer Deborah Bowness, from bold and dynamic to cosy and subtle.

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